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AI Research Engineer

  • Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland
Red Sky


Red Sky is a #StartupStudio with +18 years of experience developing IT tech & products. We are a strategic partner of the Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder fund. We cooperate through a unique business model that combines the skills of a startup studio and a venture capital fund. We operate using the #VentureBuilding formula – based on the experience of experts, we create IT solutions and support promising startups. 

About the role

As an AI Research Engineer in a startup studio, you will be at the forefront of developing innovative AI and machine learning models, mainly focusing on generative AI technologies to drive new product capabilities and enhancements. The main task is rapid validation of ideas and their feasibility using AI. You will establish and optimize MLOps frameworks for efficient model development, deployment, and scalability. You'll also engage in cutting-edge research to explore the latest AI advancements to maintain the studio's competitive edge. This role involves close collaboration with product and engineering teams to integrate AI solutions seamlessly while acting as a critical AI knowledge resource, sharing expertise, and fostering a culture of innovation and continuous learning within the studio.

Main responsibilities

  • design and implement advanced AI models and solutions, focusing on ((but not limited to) Generative AI technologies to address business needs within the startup studio's ventures,
  • apply MLOps practices to enhance the development, testing, deployment, constant improvement, and observability of ML-based systems,
  • conduct research into new AI technologies and methodologies, staying ahead of industry trends and contributing to the studio's innovation pipeline,
  • collaborate with product teams and other engineering groups to integrate AI technologies seamlessly into venture projects,
  • share expertise and findings with the broader team, advocating for best practices in AI development and MLOps culture.

Competencies & Requirements

  • deep knowledge and hands-on experience with AI and machine learning, including expertise in programming languages and frameworks like Python, TensorFlow, and PyTorch,
  • at least 4 years in AI and Machine Learning, including direct involvement in leading-edge AI projects,
  • strong understanding and application of MLOps principles and tools (Kubeflow, Vertex AI, SageMaker, Databricks) to streamline AI development and deployment processes,
  • demonstrated interest and ability in developing innovative solutions using Generative AI technologies, such as LLM Agents, RAGs, fine-tuning LLMs, and GPT Actions,
  • ability to tackle complex technical challenges, optimizing solutions for efficiency and performance,
  • publications in relevant AI/ML journals or conferences (desirable but optional),
  • excellent communication skills, with the capacity to explain intricate technical details in a clear, accessible manner to non-technical stakeholders,
  • demonstrated ability to address and solve complex technical challenges within AI and ML projects.

We offer

  • competency-based remuneration -  18 000 -  23 000 PLN net B2B + VAT
  • 26 paid days off per year,
  • the possibility of working 100% remotely or from our office in Szczecin,
  • specialized know-how from great practitioners and professional development,
  • a supportive and committed team,
  • great autonomy and independence in the ongoing activities,
  • the ability to develop and implement your ideas,
  • development budget of up to 3 000 PLN,
  • access to benefits - Multisport Plus, Medicover Premium, group insurance,
  • making decisions having an impact and a super high level of ownership.