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Venture Designer

RemoteSzczecin, Zachodniopomorskie, PolandMVP team @ Red Sky


Red Sky is a #StartupStudio and strategic partner of fund Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder. We operate by the #VentureBuilding formula – based on the experience of experts we create IT solutions and support promising startups. Determination, +15 years of experience and capital are the features that guarantee high #SuccessRate.

We support and build startups that develop advanced products in the technological area for sectors such as esports, big data, cloud computing, e-commerce, fintech and martech, in particular operating in SaaS and marketplace business models. Do you have an idea? Let's talk!

MVP team - Minimum Viable Prototypers

We are building an interdisciplinary team responsible for prototyping new technologically advanced digital products. The MVP team will be an accelerator in implementing ideas arising in Red Sky and the Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder group. We are looking for specialists who enjoy working with bold, new ideas.

Venture Designer

As a Venture Designer, you will develop an idea into a product through the venture development process to minimize business risks. Your job focuses on identifying constraints, ensuring the project has value both for business and users, based on the proper technology/data, and finding the local maxima of desirability at different phases of the venture development process. You will be responsible for the venture development process, which starts with an idea and ends with the delivery of the MVP, and runs the marketing area in ways that promote higher profitability, and competitiveness. Our goal is to prototype innovative solutions.

Why is this role an excellent opportunity for you?

  • you will lead our cross-functional MVP team and have an impact in creating a dedicated team based on competencies,

  • results of your work will be fundamental to the MVP's team success,

  • we appreciate the outcome over output approach,

  • you will take the lead on very exciting projects.

Main responsibilities

  • designing and facilitating the Product Discovery process of early product stages, such as prototypes and MVPs,
  • maximizing the total value delivered within constraints in a highly uncertain environment,
  • designing new products and services on a different set of analyses,
  • develop, own, and executive the product roadmap and business strategy,
  • define and execute the go-to-market plan in partnership with the team,
  • constantly experimenting with new technologies and tools to drive innovation and creativity,
  • presenting new concepts to partners and stakeholders,
  • continuously review business needs, refine priorities, outline milestones and deliverables, mitigate risk, and identify opportunities and threats,
  • develop and maintain appropriate tracking and reporting of product performance post-launch to evaluate future investments,
  • identifying market trends and opportunities.

It's a match if you have...

  • proven track record of completed and implemented technological products,
  • proven product experience with shipping analytics solutions: from discovery to delivery understanding of data processes (data definition, data collection & processing, data security management),
  • experience in the entire product design workflow: from analyzing customer/business needs and solution ideation to flawless execution and optimization,
  • deep understanding of Product Development lifecycle, including Discovery, Delivery, Continuous Discovery, Hypothesis Validation, Running Product Experiments,
  • hands-on experience with data tools, you can write at least a simple SQL, monitoring and improving data quality,
  • resourcefulness - ability to bring creative solutions to every problem and never see a challenge as a dead end,
  • knowledge of most recent industry trends and the ability to best leverage them to continuously improve our suite of products and projects,
  • marketing background,
  • curiosity and an open mind - we’re a culture of learners and we welcome a humble approach,
  • honesty and ability to give constructive feedback,
  • strong communication skills and ability to concisely convey complex concepts to a range of audiences with varying technical backgrounds,
  • proactive, driven personality with a high level of curiosity and self-development,
  • experience in running and mentoring cross-functional teams.

...and what we can give you?

  • competency-based remuneration - employment agreement or B2B contract,
  • 26 paid days off per year,
  • the possibility of working 100% remotely or from our office in Szczecin,
  • specialized know-how from great practitioners and professional development,
  • a supportive and committed team,
  • great autonomy and independence in the ongoing activities,
  • the ability to develop and implement your ideas,
  • development budget,
  • access to benefits - Multisport Plus, Medicover Premium, group insurance,
  • making decisions having an impact and a super high level of ownership.


MVP team - join Prototypers!

  • join an experienced venture building structure, create with us a strong technical team and build products with international potential,
  • startup specific - this is just cool work! By joining this team you will be prototyping, researching, trying and testing,
  • MVP team is a place only for people with strong skills!

Red Sky is:

  • +10 projects supported by a venture building model,
  • an experienced #StartupStudio - our projects reach users worldwide,
  • >$39M in external funding in 2021,
  • stability of employment! Nearly 20 people on our team and as many as 150+ people across all supported projects,
    endless business ideas, dreams and plans.